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The EU-LINK Brand 2023 Agent Conference of Potevio Cable Group Concludes Successfully
Potel Group

On January 19th-20th, 2024, the EU-LINK Brand 2023 Agent Conference of Potevio Cable Group was grandly held in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Agents from the five major sales regions across the country gathered at the group's headquarters to jointly explore the path of cooperation and development in the data center industry sector.

During the conference, the focus was on the core competitiveness and future development strategy of the EU-LINK brand. Mr. Zhaobaohua, President of Potevio Cable Group, delivered an important speech, sharing the company's profound understanding of the industry's future development and the vision and commitment to promoting mutual development with its partners. Through the president's speech, the attending agents gained a clearer understanding of the core values and future development direction of the EU-LINK brand and expressed their agreement with the vision of "jointly exploring the data center market and sharing successful results."