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Potel News | Potel Cable Group Accelerates International Market Layout, Comprehensive Cabling Products Enter African Market
Potel Group

On January 26th, 2024, the first batch of comprehensive cabling products from Potevio Cable Group was shipped to the Ethiopia region in Africa, marking a new milestone in the group's international market layout. This shipment includes a full range of comprehensive cabling products, including fiber optic cables, data cables, and various optical/copper distribution products, which were dispatched from the group's production base in Nanchang to the Shanghai port. After completing the customs clearance process, they will be transported by special vehicles to project sites across various African countries. The completion of this project order reflects the accelerated pace of the group's international layout and signifies the integration of Potevio's international African sector, officially heralding the entry of Potevio Cable Group's comprehensive cabling products into the African market.