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In 2017, the Potel Communication Group was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 09, 2017, and the stock code is: 1720.HK.
In 2016, it established a marketing technology service company in more than 40 provinces and autonomous regions of the country and obtained a number of honors such as high-tech enterprises, weak current industry ten brands, and comprehensive wiring TOP brand, etc.
In 2015, it began to produce data frame, modules, panels and integrated wiring products in batches, maintaining a total of over 100 national patents.
In 2014, it set up Potel Cable Group (Shanghai) Building Intelligence Co., Ltd. to independently develop intelligent wiring system, electronic distribution frame, wireless WLAN and other products, won “Special and new” Technology Award of Jiangxi Province.
In 2013, the fourth extended production of optical fiber optical cable in Putian Group was carried out. Jiangxi Changtian Photoelectrical Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in manufacturing various kinds of products such as GYTA、 GYTS、 ADSS、OPGW、FTTH butterfly cable, indoor optical cable, and miniaturized, base station type optical cable.
In 2011, it developed the new access multi-service photoelectric composite cable and large-scale production technology research independently and won the national science and technology innovation project prize.
In 2010, it produced the outdoor optical fiber cable in mass, which won the bid in the domestic optical fiber cable network, becoming the excellent supplier of China Unicom Group and China Telecom Group.
In 2008, it accomplished the third stage of fiber optic cable. It obtained USA UL certification , CE certification of EU, SGS certification of China and ROSH environmental protection certification.
In 2007, it developed the dry-type optical cable. It completed the second stage of fiber optic cable, which won the “New Product Award of Excellent Science and Technology” of Jiangxi Province.
In 2006, it promoted the new optical cables, such as ribbon cable, indoor optical cable and butterfly optical cable, and the products were further diversified.
In 2005, the fiber optic cable was put into production formally. The fiber optic cable realized the sales of Jiangxi Telecom for the first time, and it became an enterprise awarded with the ISO14000 certification and the OHSAS18000 certification.
In 2004, it autonomously developed the 6, 6A series data cables. It completed the third production of data cable and obtained high-tech enterprise certificate. Over the next five years, the fourth and fifth stages of data cables are successively completed, and the production and sales capacity of the 3 million box is realized. It is a close partner of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, and the market share of the three major telecom operators in China is over 30%.
In 2003, it completed the second phase expansion project of data cable. Jiangxi Telecom, Guangdong Telecom, Fujian Telecom, Jiangsu Mobile, Sichuan Mobile, Henan Unicom and other famous operators became customers of Potel Cable Group.
In 2002, its data cable products realized Shanghai Telecom sales, and obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, and obtained China Telecom's access to network qualification.
In 2001, Potel Cable Group Co., Ltd. was formally established. The data cables have been put into production, and the output of that year exceeded the designed production capacity.
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