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1. Preparation of Tendering Documents

This is business proposal mainly composed of the bidder's own qualification and the qualification documents of the manufacturer of the bidding goods. It is also a technical proposal made mainly for the technical parameters of the bidding goods and the response degree and deviation degree of the user's demand. Potel Group may, according to the requirements of different users' bidding documents, cooperate with the Tenderer to prepare corresponding professional bidding documents, so as to make the case proceed smoothly.

2. Preparation of programs

The Potel Group has a comprehensive wiring system-wide product as well as a professional technical team, which can tailor the configuration list according to the comprehensive wiring design drawings of the user, and provide solutions and product solutions for all kinds of integrated wiring industry.

3. Design training

The experienced comprehensive wiring engineer team of Potel Group provides users with professional training on comprehensive wiring knowledge level, such as basic knowledge of comprehensive wiring, integrated wiring design and installation, testing, etc.

4. Certification & Reporting Provision

The Potel Group has ISO9001-2000, ISO14000, OHSAS1800, and SA8000 authentication, and the products are certified by UL, CE, RoHS, Tert, and National Information Department, so as to ensure the use of the users.

5. Installation training

The Potel Group can provide training and explanation on the connection of the products, the installation instructions for each product, the solution of the whole wiring system, the attention points of the product installation in the construction process, etc. to the products users using the integrated wiring system of our company. Break down the difficult problems encountered by the user on the installation and use of the products one by one.

6. On-site testing and bug-shooting

On-site testing is an important step to verify the performance and construction quality of a test product in the comprehensive wiring, and the test results are the main basis of the test. The Potel Group can provide the user with the test method of the integrated wiring on-site link, the analysis report of the test result and the obstacle-removing method of the fault point, and can also provide the assistance in-site assistance when necessary.

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