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Potel Cable Group Co., Ltd ("Potel Group") is located in Nanchang (state) high-tech development zone. Established in 2001 and listed on the main board of Hong Kong in 2017 (stock code: 1720.HK), it covers an area of 105,332.28 square meters. It is dedicated in the R & D, production, manufacture, sales and service of optical fiber optic cable, data cable, security cable and integrated wiring product. The Group has many technical core enterprises such as Jiangxi Changtian photoelectric communication Co., Ltd., Potel Cable Group (Shanghai) Building Intelligence Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Building Intelligence Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Potel Metal Recycling Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Changxun Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. The company's communication products are independent and complete, covering optical fiber communication network, multi-layer communication network and comprehensive wiring network all-link product.

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Potel Group was awarded with 145 communication products certification issued by the China Industry and Information Department of Terre Certification Center for 13 years. It has been awarded with the recognition certificate of ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, USA UL certification, EU CE certification and environmental protection ROHS. The company is committed to grasping the development potential of new product new application. At present, we have received many honors such as "Ten Brands of Comprehensive Wiring System in China" and "The TOP Brand Product of Comprehensive Wiring System of Chinese Intelligent Building Industry" in the intelligent wiring market.


Since its establishment in 2001, the Potel Group has established a long-term stable cooperation relationship with China's three major telecommunications network operators by virtue of its outstanding product quality, thoughtful service system and well-known brand. At the same time, Potel Group has set up more than 40 marketing technical service teams in 29 provinces throughout the country, actively participates in bidding and bidding work of relevant government, enterprise and business department in various intelligent buildings and security construction, and cooperates with large and medium-sized system integrators and engineers customers. It provides high-quality, full-link communications network products for information transmission, as well as end-to-end technology solutions.


Potel Group has a healthy R & D system, with more than 100 countries' technical patents and technology soft works. It, according to the ISO 9000 international standard, has established a strict quality control system. The Group company has a laboratory of 5,760 square meters and focuses on the construction of materials laboratory. The production test laboratory and the product testing laboratory shall carry out strict quality control on the raw material procurement, each process in the production process and the product warehousing, so as to ensure the qualified rate of delivery of the products by 100%.The internal quality control procedure of the company involves various aspects such as procurement, production test, inspection and after-sales service, etc., thus ensuring the stability of the product quality and greatly improving the satisfaction degree of the customer.


The Potel Group is always striving to create an international national brand, adhering to the expansion of the production scale, to realize the continuous improvement of the price/ performance of the products.Through the continuous innovation of product, technology, service and management, the whole marketing strategy based on technology and international integration is implemented, the cooperation relationship with tens of thousands of customers at home and abroad is established, and the marketing network of its own globalization is constructed.


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