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Technology R & D

Potel Group adheres to the scientific and technological innovation as the cornerstone of development. The senior technology R & D team and the integrated experimental platform management system allow the product development to maintain the high-quality, high-environmental-protection and high-tech performance characteristics. Maintaining independent intellectual property rights in the field of comprehensive wiring.

Integrated experimental platform system

Technology R & D is the first productivity. Potel Group pays attention to technological innovation of products, through large-scale production, technology R & D to productivity and product quality transformation, and establishes complete integrated experimental platform system.


Integrated experimental platform system

Based on “Technology” and “collaborative creation”, it is the research and development concept that the Potel Group has always adhered to since inception. Under the guidance of this concept, as the headquarters in the national R & D Center, Jiangxi gathered a group of high-quality research developers to contribute to the technical progress of the industry.

Quality Control

The products of Potel Group has been enhancing the R & D and production detection process, and the product quality is in full compliance with the national or relevant industry standard organization production. The quality is consistent and all products are guaranteed quality assurance for 20 years. Potel Group has mature sales, service quality management system. Taking customer demand as the main spirit, the Group always adhere to the principle of “The product gives the user satisfaction, and the service reassures the users”.


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