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Technical Solution of Optical Cable for Core Backbone Network
Technical Solution of Optical Cable for Public Access Network
Solution of Integrated cabling System for Resident Subscriber Network
Solution of Integrated Cabling System for Commercial Buildings
Comprehensive Wiring System Solution for Medical Industry
The solution of integrated wiring system in hotel industry
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Potel Group Helps 2018 Wisdom Tour Chongqing Station to Promote the New Development of Smart Industry in the New Era2018-11-05
With the development and industrial application of new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, block chain and other new technologies, the intelligent building industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. Especially as the s
Potel Group Won the Innovative Product Award in 2018 China International Public Safety Product Expo In 20182018-10-23
On the afternoon of October 22 afternoon, sponsored by China's Security Protection Product Association, the 2018 Security Expo, the 7th innovation product promotion and the award ceremony jointly undertook by China Security & Protection magazine and PCI-
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