Technical Solution of Optical Cable for Core Backbone Network
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Technical Solution of Optical Cable for Core Backbone Network

Since its application in the 1970s, communication optical cable has now developed into the backbone of wire transmission like long-distance trunk lines, telephone relays in the city, underwater and undersea communications, local area networks and private networks, and has developed into user access networks. It has changed the development mode from fibre-optical to roadside ( FTTC ) and fibre-optical to building ( FTTB ) at beginning to fibre-optical to users ( FTTH ) and fibre-optical to desktop ( FTTD ). Communication optical cable is mainly used in the core backbone network and access network of telecommunication network operators ( Telecom, Unicom and Mobile ), as well as in various industries such as transportation, radio and television, petrochemical industry, education, medical treatment, commerce and trade.


Fiber-optical cable has the following features
Wide transmission band
low loss
fine wire diameter

Because fiber-optical cable communication has a series of excellent features, the fiber-optical cable communication technology has been rapidly developed in recent years. It can be said that this new technology is an important symbol of the new technological revolution in the world and the main transmission tool of various information networks in the future information society.


Design of Fiber-optical Backbone

The vertical backbone subsystem refers to the transmission medium connecting the main distribution frame ( ODF frame ) between equipment, the vertical end distribution frame between the optical cable distribution box / fiber-optical distribution box and distribution of each floor or between optical cable junction box and fiber-optical junction box. It mainly consists of fiber-optical and multi-pair cables. Among them, fiber-optical is mainly responsible for the transmission of data information, and the main protocol used is TCP/IP protocol.


Structure of Fiber-optical Backbone System

The relationship between backbone structure and network architecture of the integrated wiring system is very close. Only after the network architecture is basically determined, the structure of wiring system can be determined. The design of the wiring system be affected by what architecture the network adopts and what transmission medium is adopted. Similarly, the star-shaped or tree-shaped topology structure of the integrated wiring system also makes the basic topology structure of the network being star-shaped or tree-shaped.



Product selection

According to various applications and environmental conditions, there are various layout method of communication optical cables such as aerial optical cable, direct burial fiber cable, duct optical cable, underwater optical cable and indoor optical cable.

aerial optical cable
direct burial fiber cable
duct optical cable
underwater optical cable
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