Solution of Integrated Cabling System for Commercial Buildings
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Solution of Integrated Cabling System for Commercial Buildings

Modern office buildings are developing towards the direction of comprehension and integration, which refers to have a certain size, good buildings and modern facilities, as well as high-quality property management services that can meet various needs of modern social offices. Generally speaking, Grade A office buildings have eight characteristics in the international: 1. management internationalization; 2. 24-hour office buildings; 3. humanization; 4. comfort and practicality of space; 5. digitization; 6. energy conservation; 7. convenient transportation and 8. commerce. The intelligent level of office building is one of the important qualities for office building. With the constant development of network and new intelligent technology, the intelligent equipment applied to office buildings will be more advanced, which is conducive to further improving the overall quality of office buildings. Nowadays, in the market, people often use 5A to evaluate the intelligent quality of office buildings.




Solution of Integrated Cabling System for Putevio Commercial Buildings


The basic structure of the integrated cabling system is star-shaped. According to the international standard ISO/IECIS11801, the integrated cabling system consists of a workspace subsystem, a horizontal cabling subsystem, a management subsystem, a building trunk cabling subsystem, an equipment room subsystem, and a building cluster trunk cabling subsystem.





1.Workspace Subsystem


The working area is composed of the connection cable extending from the horizontal system cable to the data terminal equipment, adapter and the subscriber information socket. The UTP / FTP jumper in the work area is made of patch cable material, that is, the twisted-pair core wire is multi-strand thin copper wire, with the maximum length not exceeding 5m. It is required to adopt the integral injection molding process to ensure the firm connection between the patch cable and the crystal head. The network panel is to choose a single / double hole panel with dust cover.


Product Selection:


1.1 Product name:The six kind of unshielded data module Model:MK1-U21-6-WH & MK1-U11-6-WH


1.2 Product name:Flat two port / single port information panel Model:MB-PY-2-WH & MB-PY-1-WH


1.3 Product name:Six kinds of unshielded data jumpers Model:TX-UL1-6-3M-GY


1.4 Product name:Optical fiber wiring box Model:BXX1-MQ-GQ1-8U-WH


1.5 Product name:Inside the wall AP Model:MB-WF-1-WH MB-WF-1-GD


2.Horizontal Area Subsystem


The horizontal subsystem is composed of the subscriber information socket from the floor distribution room to the work area and horizontal cables, leather cables, intermediate cabling equipment and others. With a star-shaped topology structure, each information point must be connected to the management subsystem. The horizontal subsystem uses twisted-pair cabling with a maximum horizontal distance of 90m ( 295 ft ). The distance refers to the cable length from the back port of the distribution frame of the management subsystem to the information socket in the work area. The total length of terminal jumpers in the work area and equipment jumpers connecting equipment shall not exceed 10m. The construction of horizontal cabling system is the largest and most important work in the comprehensive cabling system. It is not easy to change after completing the construction of the building. Therefore, the construction should be strictly in accordance with the specifications to ensure the performance.


Putevio Group's series of six types of cables can transmit data, images and video applications with the best performance quality and support Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-Tx. It has the features of excellent impedance matching and proximal crosstalk, and fully meets the application and development requirements of the future network. The cable uses the traditional round cable design and has a thin wire diameter, which not only ensures the convenience of construction, but also saves the investment in spool and wire casing.


Product Selection:


2.1 Product name:Six types of indoor unshielded 4 twisted pair lines Model:HSYZ6 4*2*0.5


2.2 Product name:Indoor compact single mode optical cable Model:GJFJV-6B1


3.Management Room Subsystem


The management subsystem is set up in the floor distribution room and weak current well, and is the place where cables of horizontal system are terminated, and also the place where cables of trunk system are terminated. It is composed of the main building distribution frame, floor distribution frame, jumper wire and switch socket, and others. Subscribers can change, add, hand over and extend cables in the management subsystem for changing cable routing. It is recommended to use appropriate cable circuit and adjusting parts to form the management subsystem.


The management subsystem provides the means to connect with other subsystems so that the entire wiring system and the equipment and devices connected to it form an organic whole. The handover of the adjustment management subsystem can arrange or rearrange the route of the line, so that the transmission line can extend to each work area inside the building, which is a centralized embodiment of the flexibility of the integrated wiring system.


Three applications of management subsystem: horizontal / trunk connection; trunk lines connected to each other; connection of floor equipment. The color mark management of line can be implemented in the management subsystem.


Product Selection:


3.1 Product name:CAT.6 unshielded 24 distribution frame Model:TP-U1-24-1U-H6


3.2 Product name:110Distribution frame Model:110-TP-U3-100


3.3 Product name:Metal enclosed wire rack Model:TP-L-F1-1U


3.4 Product name:Six kinds of unshielded data jumpers Model:TX-UL1-6-3M-GY


3.5 Product name:Five category 1 double RJ45/110 jumper (2 m) Model: 110-TX-RJ45/110-1D2M-GY


3.6 Product name:Optical fiber distribution frame Model:GP-GD-1U-K


3.7 Product name:SC Fiber optic adapter Model: SPQ-11-SC


3.8 Product name:Fiber-optic jumper Model: GTL-SC-SC-OM3-1P-3M


3.9 Product name:Fiber optic fiber tails Model: GW1-SC09-OM3-1P-1M


3.10 Product name:Fiber-optic panel Model: SMB-SC-11-8


3.11 Product name:24 mouth POE distribution frame Model:TP-UPOE-24-1U-5E


3.12 Product name:42U net hole standard cabinet Model:JG-B11-66-42U-BK

4.Trunk Subsystem

The trunk subsystem consists of cables connecting the main equipment room to the distribution room of each floor. Its function is mainly to connect the hierarchical distribution frame with the main distribution frame and provide communication channels between floors with trunk cables, so that the entire cabling system forms an organic whole. The trunk subsystem topology adopts a hierarchical star-shaped topology structure, and each floor distribution room needs to be connected to the main building equipment room with vertical trunk cables.


Product Selection


4.1 Product name:Indoor Tight Sleeve Single-mode Optical Cable Product Model:GJFJH-12A1am300


4.2 Product name:Product name: indoor Category 25/50 Multipairs Cable Model:HSYV3 25*2*0.5 HSYV3 50*2*0.5


5. Equipment Room Subsystem


The equipment room subsystem is a centralized equipment area, which connects system common equipment such as PBX, core exchange board, servers, building automation and security systems, and connects to the management subsystem through the vertical trunk subsystem.


The equipment room subsystem is the place where data and voice vertical trunk cables are connected in the building. It is also the place where the cables from the building group enter the terminal of the building. It is even more an installation place for various data and voice host devices and protection facilities. It is suggested that the equipment room subsystem should be located in the middle of the building or on the first and second floors of the building. The location should not be far away from the elevator, and there should be room for future expansion. It is not recommended to be located on the top floor or the basement. It is suggested that cables coming from the complex should have corresponding over-current and over-voltage protection facilities when entering the building.


The space of equipment room subsystem shall be designed according to ANSI/TIA/EIA-569 requirements. The space of equipment room subsystem is used to install telecommunication equipment, connecting hardware, joint sleeves and others, and to provide a control environment for grounding and connection facilities and protection devices. It is the place where the system carries out management, control and maintenance, and the space of equipment room subsystems also has requirements for doors and windows, ceiling, power supply, lighting and grounding.


Referring to Management Subsystem for Product Selection of Equipment Room


6. Building Cluster Subsystem


The building cluster subsystem is composed of trunk cables and optical cables connecting multiple buildings. Its main function is to connect the distribution frame of each building with the main distribution frame and provide communication channels between buildings by trunk cables, so that the entire cabling system forms an organic whole. Because the buildings are wired outdoors in the open air, the trunk cables and optical cables all adopt outdoor structure.


Product Selection


6.1 Product name:Outdoor 48 core stranded single-mode optical cable Model:GYTA-48B1


6.2 Product name:Outdoor oil filled communication cable Model:HYAT 200*2*0.5

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