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Potel Communication Group Was Officially Listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Potel Group
       At 9: 30 on November 09, 2017, Potel Communication Group (stock code: 1720) held a listing ceremony on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, officially announcing its landing on the Hong Kong main board and entering the capital market.
       Ms. Wang Qiuping, the chairman, the executive director and CEO of the group, Mr. Zhao Baohua, the executive director of the group, and senior management of the group attended this listing ceremony. The success of the listing of main board in Hong Kong is an important milestone in the development of Potel Communication Group and another proof that China's telecommunications industry adheres to the international development line in the field of integrated wiring manufacturing.
        The main communication cables of Potel Communication Group include a wide variety of optical cables and communication copper cables, which continue to provide China's major telecom network operators with network construction and maintenance. For many years, Potel Communications Group has been repeatedly selected as a designated cable supplier in the central and local procurement bidding of several major telecom network operators in China with excellent product quality, stable supply capacity, diligent customer service and competitive price, and is one of the most diversified suppliers in China's integrated wiring industry.
        We believe that with the full-scale implementation and in-depth promotion of the 13th Five-Year Plan, Potel Communications Group will make greater contributions to the development of China's communications industry, as well as the research and development and manufacture of optical fiber cable, communication copper cable and integrated wiring products, and will surely create more brilliant achievements with the support and attention of the continuous resources, technology and all sectors of society.


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