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2018 First Quarter Marketing Cadre Meeting of Potel Cable Group Was Held Successfully
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On April 9, 2018, 2018 First Quarter Marketing Cadre Meeting of Potel Cable Group was held in Nanchang, the group's headquarters. Ms. Wang Qiuping, the chairman of the group, Mr. Zhao Baohua, the president of the group, heads of relevant departments at the headquarters and general managers of marketing branches from 29 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions attended this meeting. 

This meeting was an important meeting held in due course to fully implement the spirit of 2018 marketing management meeting of the group, and on the basis of summarizing the marketing management work of the company in the first quarter (from January to March), clarified the management thinking, management objectives and key work from the next quarter to the second half of the year. 
Mr. Zeng, the manager of Operation Department of the Group reported the sales performance and administration of the first quarter of 2018. At the meeting, Mr. Li, the manager of Marketing Department, announced the new standards for data cable packaging application in the civil market in 2018 and introduced the company's upcoming intelligent build intercom series.
At the meeting, Mr. Liao, the general manager of the Group and director of Manufacturing Department, released the “Performance Appraisal Scheme for Direct Selling Personnel in 2018”. In addition, the heads of all relevant departments have conducted detailed system training from the aspects of sales management, administration management, stock management and logistics transportation. 
All marketing branches and group departments closely focus on the company's business objectives set at the beginning of the year, actively implement the working ideas of grasping products, management, marketing, cooperation and teams, standardize management, innovate measures, tap potential, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, further improve the company's ability to resist risks, strive to eliminate market disadvantages, actively make project planning and implementation and enterprise development management, scientifically formulate measures and methods to complete business tasks, implement responsibilities to people, and break down tasks layer by layer, thus laying a good foundation for the group to achieve steady and healthy development.
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