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2018 “Intelligent Building” Smart Tour Started at Harbin Station —— Intelligent Enabled the New Development of Intelligent Building Industry
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Main site of “Intelligent Building” Smart Tour at Harbin Station


On June 14, 2018, 2018 Smart Tour thematic forum of “Intelligent Enabled the New Development of Intelligent Building Industry” was jointly held by the magazine Intelligent Building and co-sponsored by Henan Intelligent Building Association, under the supporting of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA). Xu Yiping, the former vice president of China Construction Industry Association, Huang Jiusong, president of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA), Wang Yuqing and Wang Dongwei, experts of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA) and Zhang Like, the president of Intelligent Building Branch of Heilongjiang Construction Indsutry Association, as well as well-known experts and representatives of enterprises attended the meeting to share the new development trend of intelligent buildings, the construction of intelligent pipe gallery and the application of BIM, artificial intelligence and other technologies in intelligent buildings.


中国建筑业协会智能建筑分会会长 黄久松.jpg

President of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA) Huang Jiusong


At the meeting, Zhang Binfan, the general manager of Channel Department of Potel Group, brought the thematic sharing of New trend of Comprehensive wiring Development, and the innovative products such as 86 WIFI panel, PoE electronic wiring frame and others developed and produced by Potel Cable Group independently have attracted much attention from the industry colleagues.


普天线缆集团渠道部总经理 张炳凡.jpg

General manager of Channel Department of Potel Cable Group Zhang Bingfan


Located in Nanchang (National) High-tech Development Zone, Potel Cable Group was founded in 2001 and listed on the main board in Hong Kong in 2017 (stock code: 1720.HK), with an area of 105332.28 square meters. It focuses on the research and development, production, manufacture, sales and service of optical fiber cable, data cable, security cable and integrated wiring products. The group has many technology core enterprises including Jiangxi Changtian Optoelectronic Communication Co., Ltd., Potel Cable Group (Shanghai) build Intelligence Co., Ltd., Jiangxi build Intelligence Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Potel Waste Metal Recycling Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Changxun Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. and others. The communication products of company are abundant, independent and complete, which basically cover the full-link products of optical fiber communication network, copper cable communication network and integrated wiring network.



Display of special products and technology communication


The smart tour of “Intelligent Building” - National Speaking Tour Thematic Forum aims to promote the innovative development of the intelligent building industry, promote the integrated application of new technologies, new products and new models in the intelligent building and related industries in China, comprehensively display the latest application and practical results of the industry development, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the government and industries, industries and enterprises, and enterprises and enterprises. The smart tour is not only a simple meeting, but also a platform for innovation, integration and sharing, which reflects the prospect of vigorous development of intelligent buiding industry in China. Potel Group will continue to assist in smart tour, and will always take it as its own duty to build an international national brand, and will continue to improve the cost performance of its products through the continuous expansion of its production scale. Through the continuous innovation of products, technologies, services and management, we have implemented an integrated marketing strategy that combines technology with international standards, established a cooperative relationship with tens of thousands of customers at home and abroad, and built Potel Cable Group's own global marketing network.

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