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Potel Group's 2018 Smart Tour Punched Card in Zhengzhou, New Technologies and New Formats Grew Vigorously
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With the continuous progress of new urbanization construction and construction industry modernization, cities have been given new connotation and new requirements. This not only brings unprecedented development opportunities for the construction of new smart cities, but also creates a broad market space for the leapfrog development of enterprises in the smart construction industry. With the development of new technologies such as internet of things, artificial intelligence and BIM and new formats such as smart town, smart park and smart pipe gallery today, how to promote the disruptive innovation and integrated development of the intelligent construction industry and accelerate the pace of technological innovation, application innovation and management innovation has become a hot issue.



"Wisdom" Zhengzhou Station meeting site


Zhengzhou, as the capital of Henan Province and the national central city, started its construction of smart city earlier. With the acceleration of the construction of the new smart city, Zhengzhou has also showed up prominently. In order to deeply discuss the development of the intelligent building industry and promote sharing and win-win results, 2018 Smart Tour National Speaking (Zhengzhou Station), supported by Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA), sponsored by the magazine Intelligent Building and co-sponsored by Henan Intelligent Building Association, was successfully held on June 14.



General Manager of Putian Cable Group Zhengzhou Branch, Liang Yuejin

At the meeting, Liang Yuejin, the general manager of Zhengzhou Branch of Potel Cable Group, delivered a keynote speech on “Application Features of Integrated Wiring Products”. Potel Cable Group is located in Nanchang (National) High-tech Development Zone and listed on the Main Board in Hong Kong in 2017. Since its establishment in 2001, Potel Group has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with China's three major telecom network operators with outstanding product quality, thoughtful service system and well-known brands. At the same time, Potel Group has established more than 40 marketing technical service teams in 29 provinces of the country, actively participated in bidding work organized by various relevant governments, enterprises and institutions, such as intelligent buildings and security construction, and cooperated with large and medium-sized system integrators and engineers' customers to provide high-quality full-link communication network products and end-to-end technology solutions in the field of information transmission.


President of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association, Huang Jiusong


   At the meeting, Huang Jiusong, the president of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA) and the chairman of the magazine Intelligent Building, said that Zhengzhou, as a national central city, has been building the smart city vigorously in recent years and has played a good role in being a model and standard in the whole country. With the development of new smart city construction, Henan market will have huge development space in the future. Industry enterprises should actively innovate technology, share and build together, and support the construction of smart city with new technology and new products.


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