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Weak Current Operation and Maintenance Development Forum Shanghai Station of Potel Group Was Held Successfully
Potel Group




 On May 5, 2017, the “2017 China Weak Current Operation and Maintenance Industry Development Forum (Shanghai Station)”, sponsored by Weak Current Operation and Maintenance Network and co-sponsored by Potel Cable Group, was held in Shanghai Nuobao Center Hotel. More than 170 people from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places attended this meeting.


Director of Weak Current Operation and Maintenance Alliance Fen Shoumin


Since its establishment in 2015, Weak Current Operation and Maintenance Network (China Weak Current Operation and Maintenance Alliance Network) has actively promoted the importance of the normal operation of weak current systems throughout the country, made the idea of weak current operation and maintenance deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and recognized by more and more industry people, and has held more than a dozen seminars all over the country with good results. In order to continue to promote the concept of weak current operation and maintenance, it is also hoped that on the exchange platform of weak current operation and maintenance network, everyone can have in-depth exchanges and promote cooperation among enterprises so as to achieve win-win results. In 2017, weak current operation and maintenance network will continue to hold 18 forums for the development of 2017 China Weak Current Operation and Maintenance Network throughout the country. Since February 15 in Zhengzhou, March 9 in Guangzhou, April 6 in Wuhan and April 19 in Hefei, it will hold four consecutive forums. The meetings won the support of industry people from all over the country, have received a warm response, and very much agree that operation and maintenance services will become a major development direction.


Host of Shanghai Station of Weak Current Forum Zhang Xiaoman


An Shuai, the sales manager of Potel Cable Group (Shanghai) Intelligence Building Co., Ltd. delivered a speech on behalf of the co-organizers and warmly congratulated the successful opening of China Weak Current Operation and Maintenance Industry Development Forum in 2017 on behalf of Potel Group. He also thanked the engineers, design institutes and industry experts present.


Site of Shanghai Station of Weak Current Forum


Potel Group, established in 2001, is a group enterprise focusing on the production, research and development, sales and service of optical fiber cable, data cable, security cable and integrated wiring products, covering optical fiber communication network, copper cable communication network and integrated wiring system full link products. The group has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, and holds 23 patents for product invention and more than 100 national technical patents. 145 communications products have passed the TCL certification. Production manufacturing have won ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, the United States UL Certification, the European Union CE Certification and Environmental Protection ROHS and other certifications. Relying on the national product testing laboratory, we strictly control each process and each quality inspection link to ensure the high standard and quality of our products. Up to now, it has provided high-quality products and services to China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile for 15 years and has established close partnership with them. In 2014, (Shanghai) Building Intelligence Co., Ltd. under Potel Cable Group was set up and the business of Potel Group officially entered the civil market. Up to now, more than 40 marketing technology service companies have been set up in 29 provinces of the country. It has also won many honors such as “Top Ten Brands of China Integrated Wiring System” and “Top Brand Products of China Integrated Wiring System in Intelligent Building Industry”.


Sale manager of Shanghai Branch of Potel Group An Shuai


Yu Biao, the director of the development department of Potel Group Shanghai Branch, gave a special report on the application of new integrated wiring technology at the meeting. With the development of technology, wiring has now become an infrastructure part of the whole weak current field, and almost all projects are used for meetings. Potel Group (Shanghai) Intelligence Building Co., Ltd. Under Potel Group was established in Shanghai to serve the domestic integrated engineering market in an all-round way and has become a leader in the integrated wiring and smart home industry. Manager Yu focused on launching Potel intelligent cabling system at the conference. With virtualization, cloud computing is widely used in the new generation of data networks, and software and system services are constantly innovating. As the physical foundation of the network, how to better manage the integrated wiring has become more and more important. Integrated wiring products are moving towards soft and hard intelligent management.


Director of Development Department of Shanghai Branch of Potel Group Yu Biao


The lottery link interspersed among the meetings has pushed the scene atmosphere to the upsurge several times, and the exchange dinner after the meeting has brought the Shanghai station to a successful conclusion. Potel Group, as a co-organizer, sincerely hoped that friends in the industry can achieve our promotion purpose through this meeting: exchange, cooperation and win-win, and also hoped to promote the development of weak current operation and maintenance in Shanghai through this meeting, so that everyone can attach importance to transportation and make contributions to the maximum value of weak current systems, thus achieving the goal of saving energy and society.

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