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Potel Group’s Public Service Travel in Xinjiang - Thank you for being a star in the dreams of children with your warm and dazzling
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Xinjiang is vast and distant. Throughout the ages, generations have built prosperity and well-being with wisdom and sweat along the coast of the Silk Road’s economic belt and the Belt and Road. Children are the hope of families, mountains, regions and even countries. Children's hopes and dreams lie in perfect knowledge, strong physique and broad vision. This time, Potel Cable Group set out for love with China Intelligent Construction Industry and went into Xinjiang to brighten up the study dream of Kazakh nomads' children with wisdom.

In June 2018, Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA) and the magazine Intelligent Building launched public service activities of Chinese intelligent building industry entering Xinjiang online -- “Building the Bright Future in the New Era of Wisdom”. The initiator of activities put forward the concept of “Light Public Welfare”. A book and a football will become the participants of “Public Service Walk” and the transmitters of love, while the initiator will gather all the love from all over the country by relying on the resource advantages and platform values gathered and shared by the intelligent construction industry.

      Toli Township Primary School - a Kazakh Primary School in Urumqi county, Urumqi, Xinjiang. Although the school completed the construction of teaching buildings and the purchase of teaching equipment in 2014 with the strong support of the national education support policy and the social caring people. However, most of the students in the school are nomads' children, with the nearest students' home more than 80 kilometers away from the school and the farthest students' home more than 140 kilometers away from the school. The journey to study will be over several mountains. The living conditions of the students are still very difficult. The existing study and sports supplies are far from meeting the needs of study.


On July 24, a large truck loaded with love aid materials started from Urumqi and drove south for nearly 2 hours to arrive at Tuoli Township Primary School of Urumqi County in the Nanshan area of Urumqi. In September this year, vehicles loaded with a large number of love aid materials started from Urumqi, travel through mountains and rivers, traveled day and night to Minfeng County in Hotan Prefecutre of Southern Xinjiang, and delivered love aid materials from all over the world to poor students.

        Toli Township Primary School and the local government attached great importance to this public service activity. Heidula, the head of township of Tuoli Township of Urumqi County, Fan Congping, the deputy head of township of Tuoli Township of Urumqi County, Zhang Bin, the deputy director of Education Bureau, Zhou Xiaojie, the secretary of Tuoli Middle School, and Hongyu and Habasi, the head in charge of Tuoli Primary School attented this activity. The indsutry love enterprise representatives such as Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA), the magazine Intelligent Building, Nanjing University of Technology, Xinjiang Intelligent Building Association, Potel Cable Group and others and individuals drove together to Tuoli Primary School to deliver love aid materials to students. The students wore bright red scarves to show their gratitude.

According to statistics, the total value of the love aid materials of public service travel of the intelligent construction industry is about RMB 120,000. Part of the love aid materials were donated to Toli Township Primary School of Urumqi County. Another part of llove aid materials will be entrusted to Xinjiang Intelligent Building Association and Xinjiang Information Technology Engineering Quality Supervision & Inspection Station, and they will represent all love enterprises and individuals to donate these love aid materials to some primary schools in Minfeng County, Hotan Prefecture, Southern Xinjiang in the process of pairing support.

Potel Group’s public service walk, we have been on the road and expect you to walk with us and grow together.

Duan Jun (left), the general manager of Yinchuan Branch of Potel Group, Huang Jiusong (middle), the president of Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association (IBB-CCIA), and Li Ping (right), the director of Northwest Region of Potel Group

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