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Potel Cable Group Held the National Marketing Cadre Conference in the Third Quarter of 2018
Potel Group

October 10-11, Potel cable group held the national marketing cadre conference in Nanchang headquarters in the third quarter of 2018. The conference was presided over by Zeng Qiuping business manager of department two of the group, chairman of the board of directors Wang Qiuping, president Zhao Baohua, general manager Liao Zhaoliang, marketing director  Li Yang, and other leaders, as well as the management cadres from marketing branches across the country attended the conference .


At the conference, manager Zeng announced the sales data and ranking of each marketing company in the third quarter, and separately summarized the completion rate of sales performance task in the first three quarters. Then, the general managers of each marketing branch presented the work summary of the third quarter and made a report on the achievements as well as deficiencies at work, moreover the work plan for the fourth quarter was drafted to clear the goal and direction for the grass-roots staff, sprinting for the year end performance!


Group President Zhao Baohua

Group President Zhao presented the future prospect of the group's sales market at the conference. Regional directors made sales plans for the fourth quarter and 2019 in their respective regions in accordance with the work deployment of the group. Finally, heads of administrative departments such as administrative human resources department, financial department, Marketing Department, logistics department and technical support department answered questions and explained the daily marketing support work of each sales department.


In the third quarter, with the joint efforts of all departments in the company, we made a relatively outstanding achievement, the sales data all increased year over year. We believe that each sales team can make breakthrough in the fourth quarter, have the courage to overcome challenges, forge ahead, gathering the power of channels, carrying forward the collective spirit. Keep goal oriented, and maintain confident to achieve the whole year target!


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