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Potel Group Won the Innovative Product Award in 2018 China International Public Safety Product Expo In 2018
Potel Group

       On the afternoon of October 22 afternoon, sponsored by China's Security Protection Product Association, the 2018 Security Expo, the 7th innovation product promotion and the award ceremony jointly undertook by China Security & Protection magazine and PCI-Suntek Technology Co Ltd were successfully held in the C hall of Kuntai Hotel. The related enterprises, experts and representatives of award winners and the news media, more than 200 people attended the conference and award ceremony. The event was hosted by Zhang Zhongxiao, secretary general of China Association of Safety Products Industry.


The leaders and guests attending the award ceremony include: Wang Yanji, chairman of the China Association Of Safety Products Industry; Tan Xiaozun, former secretary of the party committee of the scientific and technological information bureau of Ministry of Public Security; Gu Jianguo, Jin Xiufeng, vice chairman of the China Association Of Safety Products Industry; Zhang Zhongxiao, Secretary General Of The China Association Of Safety Products Industry.


A grand award ceremony was held, among which the "Super Six Types of Digital Communication Cables With New Structure" independently developed by Potel cable group was awarded as "Outstanding Innovative Product" at the China International Public Security Product Expo in 2018. Potel group is located in Nanchang (national) High-Tech Development Zone, founded in 2001, and listed on the main board of Hong Kong in 2017 (stock code: 1720.HK), covering an area of 105,332.28 square meters mainly engaging in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of fiber optic cables, data cables, security cables and integrated wiring products.


    Potel group has a sound research and development system, with more than 100 national patents and technology, had set up a strict quality control system in accordance with the ISO9000 international standard. The laboratory area of the group company is 5760 square meters and the key labs are materials laboratory, production test lab and product testing laboratory. The strict quality control is conducted for every working procedure from raw material procurement, production process to product inventory, to ensure the quality of products and 100% qualified rate. The company's internal quality control procedures, involving procurement, production testing, inspection and after-sales service and other aspects, ensuring the stability of product quality and greatly improve customer satisfaction degree.


      Potel group always takes building an international national brand as its mission, and insists on increasing the production scale to achieve the continuous improvement of product cost performance. Through the continuous innovation of products, technology, service and management, we implemented the integrated marketing strategy guided by the integration of technology and international standards, established the cooperative relationship with tens of thousands of customers at home and abroad, and had built the global marketing network of Potel cable group.

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