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Potel Group Helps 2018 Wisdom Tour Chongqing Station to Promote the New Development of Smart Industry in the New Era
Potel Group

With the development and industrial application of new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, block chain and other new technologies, the intelligent building industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. Especially as the state council issued the document " Development Plan of New Generation Of Artificial Intelligence " (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), "the Plan" analyzed the importance of artificial intelligence technology and industrial development from the strategic level and put forward the key tasks, including wisdom city, moreover the "Plan", pointed out the construction of intelligent infrastructure in the city and the development of intelligent buildings. Thus, the intelligent building industry has ushered in a new development opportunity.

       In order to seize the great strategic opportunity of artificial intelligence development, to construct intelligent building of intelligent construction industry, to seize the first mover advantage in the development of artificial intelligence, searching for the mixed development way of "artificial intelligence + intelligent buildings", to strengthen the interaction with the industry and related enterprises, to promote the coordinated development and win-win synergy, on October 31, supported by China Construction Industry Association intelligent building sub-branch (hereinafter referred to as the intelligent branch), and sponsored by "Intelligent Building" magazine , the 2018 wisdom tour (Chongqing Station) was held successfully.


      Intelligent branch President, "Intelligent Building" magazine President Huang Jiu said at the conference, Chongqing is the core area for the development of intelligent building industry, in recent years, the city has nurtured many excellent enterprises, we want to build a communication platform for enterprises through this tour, and thus to upgrade the technology innovation, engineering innovation and application innovation of enterprise in Chongqing.


At the conference, Li Ping, director of the western region of Potel Cable Group, gave a keynote speech on "Application Characteristics of Integrated Wiring Products". Potel cable group, located in Nanchang (National) High-Tech Development Zone, was founded in the year 2001 and was listed on the main board of Hong Kong in the year 2017 (stock code: 1720.Hk), covering an area of 105,332.28 square meters. The group mainly engages in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of fiber optic cables, data cables, security cables and integrated wiring products.


Since the establishment of Potel group in 2001, the group has established long-term, stable relations of cooperation with China's top three telecom network operators through outstanding product quality, thoughtful service system and well-known brands. In the meanwhile, Potel Group has established more than 40 marketing technical service teams in 29 provinces throughout the country. The group actively participated in various biddings related to intelligent buildings, security construction that organized by relevant government, enterprises and public institutions, as well as cooperate with large and medium size system integrators and project contractors to provide high quality whole link communication network products and end-to-end technical solutions for the field of information transmission,.

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